As a business owner, it’s likely that you’re wearing many hats. Most small business owners barely have the time to keep up with their email, let alone several social media accounts.

Social media is probably something you’ve been putting off for a while … are we right?


As tough as it may be to find the time, the social space is one area you can’t afford not to be in.

These days, customers are likely to visit your social media pages before (and more frequently) than they visit your website.

Think of your social media pages as windows into your business and brand. They serve as platforms for showcasing your products and expertise while providing value to potential customers.

Social media plays a key role in your customer’s journey and ultimately in their purchasing decisions. An inactive social profile is a big turnoff.

Not only does social media help in reaching new customers, but it also plays a significant role in customer retention by allowing opportunities to interact, engage and keep your brand top of mind.

Simply put, to compete in our digital marketplace, social media profiles are a must-have for most businesses.

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