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I can't wait to help you get your business running smoothly so you can serve your clients & scale
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Podcast & YouTube Management

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I'm an A/V nerd at heart. I've loved media production and broadcasting since my highschool days (it was NOT cool then).

Course Creation & Launch Support

Create Your Course
From tech set ups to social media graphics to email marketing to digital downloads, I can help you launch a course that wows!

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Hi, I'm Lisa.

For as long as I can remember, I've been passionate about bringing people and processes together to bring ideas to life. From highschool video projects to corporate marketing campaigns, I've always enjoyed collaborating with visionaries to create something amazing!

As a digital project manager and Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) with a broadcasting degree, loads of corporate marketing and agency experience, a diverse skill set, and an affinity for systems and tools, my goal is help you identify and bridge the gaps in your business so you can thrive.

I've spent years in the corporate and agency world gaining experience in a wide variety of tradtional marketing roles. Through my education and my career experiences, I discovered the things I love to geek out on the most are:

  • Systems and Solutions
  • Design and Branding
  • Technology
  • Digital Marketing

As a business owner, I love that I have the opportunity to bring those four things together to provide services that are both creative and productive. I specialize in services that allow me to draw on my greatest strengths and projects that bring me the greatest fulfillment.

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done. - Peter Drucker

How Do I Fit In?

You're a successfull business owner with big ideas and high standards.

But with a limited number of hours in the day, you can only do so much.

There's no doubt you wear many hats. From business development to back end systems, you've likely done it all.

But every business owner or leader reaches a point where, in order to continue to share their passion and expertise, they need to some support.

If you've reached that point, congrats on your accomplishments and on recognizing the need to take action!

Hiring an expert to help set up the back end of your business or manage your passion projects is as necessary as hiring a bookkeeper or a business coach, and it's key in scaling your business to the next level and beyond.

If you've reached the 6-figure mark and you're beginning to realize you need some support to reach new heights, let's chat!

Whether I'm setting up systems, managing pdcast production, or providing course launch support, my goal is to take the day-to-day stuff off your plate so you can focus on our passion. Just imagine the the impact you could make if you were able to commit more time to the big pitcure stuff like developing new business, brainstorming new ideas, and serving your clients!

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What Kind of Support Do You Need?

Strategy Session & Action Plan

One of the things I love to do most is talk strategy, solutions and tools.

If you know you need some help streamlining your bsuiness but aren't sure where to start, a strategy session is a great place! You'll provide details about your current business operations and any issues you're having and we'll have an extensive call to review what's working and what's not.

Together, we'll come up with some ideas to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize your workflow.

After some additional research and planning on my own, I'll present you with a detailed plan that you can put into action. Or, if you'd prefer, you can purcahse a systems set up and I'll get it all set up for you.
Strategy Session Cost: $797

Systems Set Up

Your systems and processes are the foundation of your business.If they're not working efficiently, neither are you.

Not to worry. I've been geeking out on this stuff for longer than I'd like to admit. I'll set up systems to streamline your business and teach you (and/or your team) how to use them.

Some of the most popular tools I work with are:

Dubsado, 17 Hats, ClickUp, Asana, Teamwork, Google Workspace, Email Marketing Platforms, Database Tools, and more!

If you've already done a strategy session and you don't have the time or reources to implement the action plan, I'll be happy to get it set up for you.

System set up starts at $1197 and is based on scope.
*Strategy Session clients save $200 on system set ups.

Podcast Management
& YouTube Management

The benefits of these two digital media channels are HUGE!

Broadcasting sure has come a long way since I studied it in the "old days".
It's amazing how easy it is now to create and publish high-quality digital content. Podcasts are a fabulous way share value with your audience. Not only that, but they allow you to buld your brand and grow your fanbase (aka an extremely warm audience). Best of all, they're fairly easy and inexpensive to create.

And you know that YouTube it's a SUPER powerful search engine, right? Are you taking advantage of it?

If you're creating digital media but aren't sure how to get it out into the world, or you've been dreaming of starting a podcast or YouTube channel and need some support, I'd love to help!
Podcast Management Packages start at $647 per month.
YouTube Channel Management Pacakges start at $397 per month.

Course Development & Assets

There's a lot that goes into developing a course. It's a passion project that can easily become overwhelming.

With my comprehensive CourseWorks Package, I offer support in developing and publishing your course along with all the necessary assets. This package starts at $2,400 and can be split into 3 monthly payments.

- Course branding
- Social media and promo graphics for email, web, etc.
- Course set up (you provide the content)
- Digital downloads, workbooks, and course materials as needed

my style

If you're trusting me to help with you build your brand through podcast management or course support, it's important for you to know what kind of branding and creative work I've done in the past. The gallery to the right shows just a small sampling of my graphics and social media work.


If you'd like to learn more about my experience and qualifications, check out my bio and career history on LinkedIn.

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