If you’re a local business, you need a Facebook business page. Not only will it increase your chances of showing up in searches, but without one, you’ll be missing out on some valuable marketing opportunities. In today’s marketplace, you can’t be competitive without a robust digital marketing presence, including social media. Below, we’ll outline all of the reasons every local business should optimize their online presence and embrace social media, starting with Facebook.

It Helps With SEO

To market your business effectively, you want to be found online as easily as possible. Not only will your Facebook page come up in search results for your business, but you can also use your page to drive traffic to your website. Google prefers websites with higher traffic as well as those that utilize social media. This means your business will be more likely to show up higher in search results.

You Need To Keep Up With The Competition

Your competitors are probably using social media, so you need to be using it too. If you want to compete in the online marketplace, Facebook is the place to start. It’s free, easy to set up, and provides great opportunities to connect with your customers. Don’t let your competitors steal the digital spotlight!

Demonstrate Your Value

Facebook is the ideal platform for providing value to your customers and clients. In addition to sharing an informative blog, you can post links to tips, tricks, and articles that share knowledge about your industry. This is a great way to show your customers that you understand their needs. You can also use Facebook to show that you are an authority in your field. When used effectively, Facebook is a great way to share industry-specific data and valuable information that helps your audience make purchasing decisions.

Connect With Your Community

In addition to providing valuable information, you can use your business page to interact and engage directly with your community and potential customers. You can gather feedback from current customers and learn more about your potential customers by asking questions and having discussions on your page. In addition, you can show that your business is invested in the community by sharing information that supports other businesses, schools, charities or other organizations in the areas that you serve.

Share The Human Side Of Your Company

While your website acts as your official “online storefront”, your Facebook page provides you with an outlet to show a little bit more of the brand and values that make your company unique. While business pages should never be as casual as your personal profile, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a little fun with your business page by posting inspirational messages, giving your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your company’s processes, or by sharing fun facts about your staff. Be creative! Just because your page is about your business doesn’t mean you’re limited to serious or dry content. Facebook allows you to bring your business to life and connect with people. A little personality will make your company stand out and will help you attract your ideal clientele.

You Can Learn All About Your Demographic

Social media can provide an opportunity to get a good handle on your demographic and understand what makes them tick. Through your Facebook business page, you’ll learn more about your core audience. With Facebook insights, you’ll be able to see which posts they find most engaging and learn which products or services your demographic is most interested in. You’ll also have the opportunity to demonstrate great customer service by responding to questions and concerns online. This builds trust by showing your customers that you are invested in them and that you take their feedback seriously.

Stay Top Of Mind

Social media is a great tool for building brand awareness and reinforcing your brand values. Not only will your customers become familiar with your logo and offers, but they’ll begin to understand the larger purpose behind your business. The content you share daily will remind your audience about your company’s mission and goals, which will help keep you top of mind when the need for your products or services arises.

In today’s marketplace, social media should not be seen as an optional way to promote your local business. To compete and market yourself effectively, social media should be considered a mandatory part of your marketing plan. Since Facebook is the largest social media platform and has the broadest demographic, and because it’s free and easy to set up, it should be the first step you take in establishing your social media presence.

If you feel overwhelmed by Facebook and need help getting started, you’re not alone. Many businesses are hesitant to take the leap, but Treehouse can help! Contact us to learn more about our social startup plans for businesses who are looking to grow their brand to new heights!